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Can I Breastfeed If My Nipples Are Flat Or Inverted?

Nipples normally come in different shapes and sizes.  A baby does not usually have problems latching onto his mother’s nipples.

Women who have one or both nipples that are flat or dip inward (inverted) can still breastfeed their baby. You may need some extra help when you begin to breastfeed. During pregnancy it is not helpful to pull or rub your nipples to help them "come out".

If your baby has a problem latching onto your breast, contact a lactation consultant for help.  If your baby is not latching on, express your breasts to keep up your breastmilk supply.  Use the expressed breastmilk to feed your baby.

What If My Nipples Are Pierced?

If your nipples are pierced, take out the nipple jewelry for feedings.  You may have more leaking due to the holes in the nipple area.