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Why is My Baby So Fussy on the Second Night?

Many parents find their baby fussier than usual on the second night.  Often, they are quiet and sleepy during the day. This night time fussiness can last for up to 2 weeks.  f your baby was active at night during your pregnancy, this may be his usual sleep pattern.

Your baby is looking for comfort.  Many people have held your baby during the day.  He is getting used to new noises, lights, sounds and smells.  Each time you take him away from your breast and warm body he cries loudly! He is telling you that he was very happy being close to you.  He is comforted by familiar sounds and hearing your heartbeat.

When he cries, you put him back on your breast.  He is happy and feeds for a short time.  Then, he goes to sleep.  When you put him back to bed he cries again.  New mothers think this happens because the baby is hungry and 'not getting enough milk'.  This really happens because he wants to snuggle up to your warm body.  This waking up and sleeping pattern can go on for hours and be tiring for new parents.

To cope with these long nights, make sure you take naps during the day or early evening.  Resting when baby rests in those first few days of life will help you manage the night time waking better.

Most babies will start to be more alert and wakeful during the day in about 2 weeks.  Then at night, they wake for feeds and go back to sleep more easily.