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Signs of a Good Latch

How Should It Feel When My Baby is Latched on Well?

As your baby sucks it is normal to feel a gentle tugging or a pulling feeling on your nipple and areola.

Because your hormones are changing and your breasts are stretching, your nipples may feel a little tender for up to a week. They should not be cracked or bleeding.

When your baby is latched on well, breastfeeding should not hurt. If it hurts, reposition your baby or ask for help.

Visual Signs of a Good Latch

Look for These Signs of a Good Latch
  • Baby's body is facing your body so he does not have to turn his head.
  • Baby's mouth is open wide with lips curled outward.
  • Baby is pulled in so close that his chin is pressed into the lower part of your areola. His nose is slightly away from your breast.
  • When baby comes off your breast, your nipple should be rounded, not pinched.

These pictures show a baby latched properly.


While you are in the hospital, your nurse or a breastfeeding specialist called a lactation consultant, can help you make sure your baby latches on to your breast properly.