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How Does My Body Know to Make Milk?

There is always milk in your breast.  To get milk, your baby needs to open his mouth wide and get the areola, not just the nipple, in his mouth.   As your baby sucks and removes breastmilk, your breasts will make more milk to replace it.

Your breasts will make enough milk if you feed your baby whenever he is showing signs of hunger.  Offer nothing but your breast.  Newborn babies need to feed at least 8 or more times in 24 hours.

Sometimes your baby may cluster feed.  This means feeding often for several hours before falling asleep. For example, your baby may feed every hour for 4 hours, and then sleep for a number of hours.

The more you feed your baby, the more milk you will make.

As your baby grows, your breastmilk will change to meet his needs. It is normal to make different amounts of breastmilk through the day and night. 

If you have more than one baby, your breasts will be stimulated more. You will make more milk and be able to breastfeed more than one baby successfully. 

The more you feed your baby, the Your breasts will naturally adjust to make the right amount of milk for your baby - or babies!