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What Can I Do To Make Breastfeeding As Successful As Possible?

Breastfeeding -- When You Have Not Given Birth

Find people who will give you support.  You may get help and support from a partner, friend or family member.   You can also talk with a lactation consultant, the public health nurse, a La Leche League leader or your doctor.

Try to clear your schedule and get as much help at home as possible.  Building a milk supply will take a lot of your time.  Getting breastfeeding started may take 4 to 6 weeks.

Try to relax and enjoy your baby.   Find a few minutes a day to do something that is soothing and relaxing.

You may need to take a herb or a medication to help your body make milk.  Talk to your doctor, lactation consultant or pharmacist about your options.

Some herbs, birth control methods and other medications can stop or slow down milk production.   Discuss this with your lactation consultant, doctor or pharmacist.

Give yourself some time.  You and your baby are learning something new.  This takes time, practice, patience and support from others.   Soon you will find that you feel more confident about breastfeeding.

Remember these 3 tips for success:
  • Breastfeeding is much more than giving milk
  • Focus on connecting with your child
  • Follow your baby's lead


There are many people who can answer questions and help you build up your milk supply.  Some choices are:

  • a lactation consultant
  • a public health nurse
  • a La Leche League leader
  • your doctor or midwife